WVU Farmers Market is an initiative that serves to provide fresh, local produce to students with the goal of encouraging students to eat healthier. However, the WVU Farmers Market is only open during the fall semester, which means those fresh foods are forgotten among students during a peak season for clean eating.

Typically, students are encouraged to go to the WVU Farmers Market if they’re seeking to transition into a healthier lifestyle. The market provides a farm-to-table experience that students aren’t able to get from the Mountain Lair or dining halls. Furthermore, local vendors participate in the market which aids in business for the small businesses of Morgantown. This is an opportunity for both student and small business because most students are unaware of where to go to buy local produce, so they go to Kroger or whichever grocery store is closest to them.

Image Credit: Nick Holstein/The Daily Athenaeum

However, students have expressed the need to haveย a WVU Farmers Markets year-round. Here are a select few Twitter comments regarding WVU Farmers Market:

Students’ who love the WVU Farmers market have mentioned that having one during the spring semester would be beneficial because it’s that time of the year clean eating trends.

In the meantime, where can students go for fresh local produce? It just so happens that a Morgantown Farmers Market exists! More than 40 vendors attend the market to sell their products to local residents of Morgantown. The reason most students are unaware of this market is due to the location.

However, this market is close and accessible from the Downtown campus. Students can still enjoy the purchasing of fresh local products even when WVU Farmers Market is closed. Please comment and share your thoughts on having WVU Farmers Market open year-round!

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