After a full week of posts, our blog has explored the issues surrounding Blue Hole.

  • Cayla showed the differences in perspectives of students and Morgantown locals.
  • Ashley talked about the impact party goers have on Blue Hole.
  • Shannon looked at past injuries at Blue Hole and how thrill seekers can get out of control.
  • Steven talked about how drinking at Blue Hole can be dangerous.


We discussed the issues of Blue Hole, but lets end this week on a positive note!

Students care about keeping Blue Hole clean

The groups that trash Blue Hole only represent a small minority of students that carelessly litter. Different student organizations make trips to the area to do clean ups.

Students don’t just go to Blue Hole to drink.

They appreciate the swimming hole and the hiking trails around it.

blue hole pic 2blue hole pic

Blue Hole offers something different 

Morgantown is a great place for a diversity of different options to spend your free time. However, many of these options are indoors. Blue Hole is a different option that gets people outside and gives them a sense of adventure. It’s a great place to celebrate the end of the school year and enjoy Spring. Everyone can come and spend their remaining weekends at West Virginia University together.

blue hole pic 3

It’s also a chance to remind everyone about how important it is to care of the environment. This video shows Blue Hole being enjoyed responsibly. (This clearly was not their first rodeo. These guys knew what they were doing)


It is important to be aware of the issues involving Blue Hole. Yes, people mistreat it, but if a few of us lead by example, maybe more will follow. This is a unique place that should be enjoyed by everyone.