Over the last few days on this blog we have been talking about Blue Hole. Blue Hole is a beautiful and fun place to be on a nice warm day, but with that comes some problems. We have talked about the perspective from locals, the litter and also the dangers associated with the popular swimming hole. So when you tie this all together there is a common denominator, and that is alcohol.

WVU students love Blue Hole. WVU students also love to drink. Tie in some nice weather and this popular place becomes the go-to spot for students to party once the weather gets nice.  By searching Blue Hole on nearly any social media site, results yield photos of students hanging out drinking near the water.


It is no secret that there is a drinking culture at WVU. Seemingly each day that the weather is nice in the spring, students are out day-drinking. If you add up a wild day of drinking, usually something wild happens at this university. Riots, fights, pepper spray, or in some extreme cases students end up in the hospital. Now imagine all of this stuff happening at a swimming hole, miles off the beaten path.

With the addition of alcohol, Blue Hole becomes a place where this can happen.

Located across the stream is a large rock that students enjoy jumping off of. There is even a rope tied to the bottom of the bridge for students to swing off of into the water. The problem here is getting across the stream. The current at Blue Hole can be very strong at times, and not all students are strong enough swimmers to get across the stream, especially if they are drunk. According to this DA article, a 19 year old student died a few years back after getting caught by the current at Blue Hole.

The biggest danger to students is Jenkinsburg Bridge, which Shannon touched on yesterday in her post. Many students wouldn’t dare to jump of the bridge, but add in a day of drinking and that may change some peoples minds.

Two WVU students who jumped off the Jenkinsburg Bridge were nice enough to give me some details about their jump, but they would like to remain anonymous.

One girl stated that, “It was one of the biggest adrenaline rushes I have had my whole entire life. I don’t regret jumping off of it but I don’t recommend it to anyone else.” 

The other student went on to say, “One of the worst decisions ever. I had bruises and couldn’t sit for about a week.”

Would either of these students do it again? They are unsure, but having a buzz definitely played a role in their decision to take the leap.

Students have been jumping off this bridge for a long time, and most likely will continue to jump. There are several videos on Youtube of students making successful jumps. However, there are times when the jumps are not so successful and students get really hurt and might require assistance getting out of the water, and if no one is sober to jump in and help it could be a serious problem.

This post isn’t meant to bash drinking at Blue Hole, or people who jump off the bridge. There is no problem with enjoying a few drinks at this beautiful spot. However, as we all know to well at this school, combine alcohol and a large group of people and something is almost certain to go wrong.

So, if you are out at Blue Hole in the coming weeks, just remember to be safe and respect the land.