Spring has sprung in Morgantown, West Virginia and dogs are out enjoying this weather just as much as us humans. In a college town, there is a strong presence of litter and shattered glass. This can cause unsafe conditions for walking dogs around campus.

I spoke with Cheyenne Albright, a dog owner in Morgantown, about her experiences with these issues.

cheyenne and beauty

Cheyenne and her dog Beauty on the Rail Trail

“There is always glass outside of off-campus housing where I lived. I couldn’t walk my dog around any dumpsters because there’s always broken glass and trash around there. There is less litter along the rail trail, but I usually carried her until we got down there. There isn’t much green space either. It’s very frustrating, because many people have dogs in Morgantown, yet so many people don’t take preventative measures when it comes to throwing away trash, bottles, etc. Having a dog makes me more aware of what I do with trash and bottles.”

I also spoke with WVU student Stephanie Midurski on her experience as a dog owner in Morgantown.

“I recently adopted my dog Cora. She is a black lab mix, so she needs a lot of exercise. I walk her daily around my apartment, but it is difficult to always watch out for her stepping in glass. We go to Cheat Lake on the weekends where I am more comfortable running around with her. ”


Morgantown does offer green spaces away from campus that are great to take your dog.

  • Green = Safest
  • Yellow = Safe
  • Red = Not Safe


Feel free to add your own place to the map and share your favorite spots to take your dog!

Morgantown is continuing to update and enforce laws regarding litter. (morgantownwv.gov)

If a Morgantown Police Officer or a Litter Prevention Officer finds that you are improperly storing your garbage, trash, or recycling, you can be fined $50-$500 daily per occurrence.

I have personally witnessed Litter Prevention Officers handing out warnings and citations on my street (I may have even received one myself). When you live in a high traffic area, it is almost impossible to keep up with litter. It’s important to remember that it’s not only humans that have to deal with litter around town.

Litter and glass harming our dogs is a serious issue. However, there are some funny things found on the ground around Morgantown. There is even a Twitter that tweets some of the strangest things found.


Be sure to check out out Cayla’s post on the responsibility of following leash laws in Morgantown.

Also, if you want to get more involved with dogs and cats in the community, check out WVU PAWS (Pets Are Worth Saving) club on campus.